Art Nouveau (New Art) was an architectural and design movement that developed out of the ideas promoted by the Arts and Crafts Movement. The international style of Art Nouveau took its name from a shop in Paris called L’Art Nouveau and was known by that name in France, Belgium, Holland, England, and the United States. In other places, it had other names - Jugendstil in Austria and Germany (after the magazine Der Jugend, “youth”), Modernismo in Spain, and Floreale or Liberty in Italy. Proponents of this movement tried to synthesize all the arts in a determined attempt to create art based on natural forms that could be mass-produced for a large audience. The Art Nouveau style emerged at the end of the 19th century and adapted the twining plant form to the needs of architecture, painting, sculpture, and all of the decorative arts.The mature Art Nouveau style was first seen in houses designed in Brussels in the 1890s by Victor Horta (1861-1947).

Several influences can be identified in Art Nouveau. In addition to the rich, foliated two-dimensional ornament of Arts and Crafts design and the artisan’s respect for materials of the Arts and Crafts movement, the free, sinuous whiplash curve of Japanese print designs inspired Art Nouveau artists. Art Nouveau also borrowed from the expressively patterned styles of van Gogh, Gauguin, and their Post-Impressionist and Symbolist contemporaries.

Text from Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, Twelfth Edition by Fred S. Kleiner and Christin J. Mamiya.

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Favourite animators: Toshiyuki Inoue (井上俊之)

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Indigenous Quechua children from Peru

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Sliced Glass ‘Paintings’ and Portraits by Loren Stump

Master glassblower and stained glass artist Loren Stump in California has wowed the internet with an extraordinary display of virtuosity. He created a “loaf” of glass, called murrine, out of carefully layered glass rods that, when sliced, reveal a painstakingly detailed work of art in cross-section. His greatest work is called “Madonna of the Rocks,” but all of his murrini are incredible works of art and craftsmanship.

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"40% of Afghanistan’s skateboarders are female.100 % of those are tough as nails. "
Source: @Skateistan

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Issey Miyake.

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Against the Infinite - Crazy Three Dimensional Art by AJ Fosik

You might recognize AJ Fosik as the artist responsible for the cover of Mastodon's 2011 record The Hunter. These pictures are from his solo exhibition “Against the Infinite” currently running until December 21 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. The coup de grâce of the show is a collection of 30 animal heads on diamond-shaped panels that can be combined to form a giant 30-sided shape called a rhombic triacontahedron.

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misslillith: My room is getting close to complete, so here’s a little preview! <3



Repost because Jodie Smith is soo Badass!


Let’s Play…

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Ximena (Original really rushed children’s story)


UHMMMM. Y’know how I’ve been talking about my children’s story/comic school assignment for months now, well, I finished it. I only had a week to do it so the art is really inconsistent (It gets worse with each page), it’s not the greatest writing at all, I kinda CONSIDER IT A FIRST draft but whoo hoo this is really embarrassing, it’s done, here it is. ENJOY i guess I SPENT SO MUCH ENERGY I HAVE TO SHARE IT. Warning for bullying?


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